When couples become engaged, they often begin planning the wedding and honeymoon, but it is important to plan for your future beyond the wedding. Family Law near Chicago can be complicated, but the Law Offices of J. Jeltes, Ltd are able to walk you through the process of obtaining a prenuptial agreement to protect your future.

Is a Prenuptial Agreement Right for You?

When going into a marriage, most people believe they are in the marriage forever, despite statistics showing that nearly 50 percent of marriages end in divorce. Unfortunately, divorce is a very common occurrence and protecting yourself and your assets from any potential disruptions is a financially responsible decision. A common misconception is that prenuptial agreements are only intended for the rich and famous, but this is not the case. Any personal property, retirement plans, and earnings can be protected by a prenup. Additionally, this agreement can protect you from having to take on your partner’s debt in the event of a divorce. Prenuptial agreements should not be thought of as taboo, but rather a responsible joint decision to reduce conflict and save lengthy legal proceedings and costs in the event of a divorce.

Additionally, when negotiating a prenup, you may discuss matters you might otherwise not have discussed, and this can open up a conversation and make your marriage even stronger. The sooner you discuss money and property matters, the sooner you will be able to confront and resolve those issues.

What to Consider When Planning Your Prenuptial Agreement?

After you have decided to create a prenuptial agreement, you will need to decide what topics should be covered.  All estate or property, both shared and separate, should be considered. Additionally, future estate planning is an important consideration, such as allocating inheritance to children or family members. All retirement benefits should be listed, in addition to debts. Finally, a plan as to how to handle business interests, whether shared or joint, is crucial in a successful prenuptial agreement.

Benefits of Prenuptial Agreements and Family Law in Chicago

A prenuptial agreement can relieve undue stress and confusion during a very difficult time in one’s life. Knowing that your assets are protected and your finances will be in order in the event of divorce will help you move on to your fresh start without hesitation. Discussing finances and making decisions now can also strengthen your marriage and help you start your marriage with a better understanding of the marital finances.

The Law Offices of J. Jeltes, Ltd. are able to help you navigate this challenging topic to help you begin your marriage with a strong foundation.