In the unfortunate event of a divorce, tension and emotions can run high. During this time, you may be focused on thinking about your well-being moving forward and what you are owed financially from the divorce.  Your family law attorney in Chicago can help you design a prenuptial agreement that will be fair to both parties should the marriage result in divorce. Prenuptial agreements give you the peace of mind knowing that if the marriage were to dissolve, you and your assets would be protected. You may also be protected from responsibility for your spouse’s debts.

The First Step – Deciding What Matters

Creating a prenuptial agreement can lend to an uncomfortable, yet necessary conversation about finances, debts, and property. Think about what is important in your life and discuss with your partner your primary concerns. Do you have family property that you would like to keep in the family? Do you have significant debt that you would like to protect your partner from in the event of a divorce? Do you have your own business?  Jewelry and family heirlooms or inheritance should all be taken into consideration when planning a prenuptial agreement.

The Second Step – Document Collection

To properly execute a prenuptial agreement, each spouse needs to make a full and updated disclosure of their respective assets and liabilities. This may include financial documents such as tax returns, evidence of loans, mortgages, savings and investments; any property related documents, such as a deed or title; any inheritance or trust.  Speak with a family law attorney in Chicago to learn what documents you will need to prepare a thorough prenuptial agreement.

The Third Step – Talk With a Family Law Attorney In Chicago

After you have thoroughly discussed the prenuptial agreement with your partner and have gathered the necessary documents, it is time to contact an attorney to make the agreement official. The Law Offices of J. Jeltes can walk you through the process of a prenuptial agreement to ensure fairness for both parties and the protection of property and assets.  After a thorough discussion with both parties to ensure the terms are understood, the agreement will be signed at your attorney’s office.

In the unfortunate event of a divorce, a prenuptial agreement will give you peace of mind knowing that many of the difficult conversations have already been discussed.  A prenuptial agreement can also be shifted to a postnuptial agreement after the marriage takes place should you decide on different terms throughout your marriage. At the Law Offices of J. Jeltes, we stand by you during challenging and unknown life transitions.